Quiescent amplifiers

Quiescent Stereo Amplifier

Quiescent amplifiers

“…as soon as you put a decent recording on you can hear so much of the low level details that it’s uncanny. It brings a sense of calm and ease to everything it amplifies”             (Jason Kennedy, The Ear) Full review

With both stereo and monoblock amplifiers you will hear a natural presence and realism of performers in the room. Probably beyond anything you have heard before, anywhere.

Of course there is atmosphere, outstanding purity, rhythm and timing as in the live performance and deep, tuneful under-pinning bass.

The rear of a Quiescent amplifier

Amplifier rear panel, showing switchable RCA and balanced inputs, an LED defeat switch and a grounding terminal. Also available in natural silver.

But it is the close-your-eyes-and-they’re-there realism that pins you to your seat.

The amplifiers recover levels of the finest detail so often lost in the pollution haze that pervades most systems. Realism is startling.


The secret is in Quiescent’s technology, absorbing vibration and RF pollution, that delivers the purest music you’re likely to hear.

These are ground-breaking components, setting new standards of performance. We have one on demonstration.

Why is this amplifier so special?

Followup comment by fellow reviewer Kevin Fiske: “I can’t help wondering if some day all amplifiers will be built in a similar way.”

The science behind the pollution control was developed from experience with installations of electronics in military jet aircraft, exceptionally noisy environments. Recovering the finest possible detail from instruments is obviously crucial in operational conditions. It may seem miles away from replaying music but the requirements are actually very similar – vibration and RF pollution delete crucial information, whether it’s music or a hostile aircraft.

Read more about the fundamental importance of this technology below and throughout this site.

The first product in this revolutionary series was the Quiescent Streamer, available and on demonstration with us. It is astounding. Some listeners have been moved to tears – literally – by the emotional impact of performances never heard before.

Extraordinary care in design

Even the casework is special:

  • cooling tubes milled from the solid, avoiding fins that ring

    Cooling Tubes in a Quiescent amplifier

    Cooling tubes have helical scrolling to minimise ringing and resonance

  • further resonance control from helical scribing inside the tubes
  • top panel of non-metallic material to prevent circulating magnetic fields
  • rear terminal panels mounted independently from the chassis to lessen vibration damage

Inside the case this amplifier is packed with the technology unique to Quiescent that absorbs vibration and RF interference at the source, in the circuits  before it can spread to degrade performance. Designated “Q Power” the package includes:

  • mains vibration and RF absorption
  • DC blocking
  • vibration absorption attached to the transformer
  • very fast voltage regulation, that allows a
  • bandwidth from 1Hz to 1.5MHz
  • absorption of vibration from the speakers entering via the terminals




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Room Acoustics

HiFi systems are flooded with vibration and electrical “noise” pollution that clashes with the music signal and destroys information – permanently.

This pollution also lays a haze over the musicDraining and absorbing this pollution frees the music signal and allows the system to reveal its potential.

No amount of conventional upgrading, by changing amplifiers, speakers etc, can recover information once it’s destroyed.

Systems create their own vibration, from power supplies and loudspeakers, then it’s carried throughout by the metal cables.

Vibration is created externally, by loudspeakers, traffic and even the planet itself, BUT if you isolateyour equipment from its surroundings you actually trap vibration inside the electronics.

RF pollution on the mains comes from LED lights, household appliances and poor power supplies – eg computers and TVs – and also airborne from mobile, police and TV transmissions. It’s everywhere.

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"When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece".

John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)