Quiescent mains and speaker cables

Quiescent Mains and Speaker cable systems

Built on experience gained with the highly successful Vertex cables, the Quiescent range brings even higher performance, easier installation and flexibility in changing set-up and location.

For both mains and loudspeaker connections most of the key vibration and EMI/RFI absorption is carried out by the Peak Modules, with contributions by the cables. This gives you the choice of using Peak cables or your existing ones, fitted with Powercon connectors, and the ability to upgrade in stages.

Peak Mains module showing Neutrik Powercon output

A simple A/B comparison between existing cables and the Peak system shows how much damage is caused to the music signal by vibration and EMI/RFI – go to Vertex and see the side bar.

Peak Mains connection system

Two types of Peak Mains modules are available, single or double output with a single input. The double version offers a saving by supplying two components but where ultimate performance is required – potentially with components more sensitive to the pollution – you may prefer the single version.

Designed to stack, decoupled by compliant feet, a single- and a double-output module  stand on a Peak mains shunt filter.

Designed for ultra-low resonance, with their irregular angled shapes and mathematically-calculated scrolling, the modules contain complex three-dimensional labyrinths to absorb acoustic and RFI/EMI energy.

The Neutrik Powercon output twist-to-lock connectors make very positive, low-impedance contact.

Separating the cables from the modules gives you complete flexibility over your choice of cable and lengths if circumstances change – if upgrading or moving house you keep the investment in the module.

Expect these performance gains:

• improved rhythm and timing

• sweeter, cleaner high frequencies, without harshness

• greater clarity with improved imaging

• deeper, cleaner and more rhythmic bass

with the Quiescent cables that complete the pure silver connection from input to output (see specification below).

Quiescent Balanced Power Distribution Block

An ideal starting point for any system is this distribution block which works on exactly the same principles as the Peak blocks, in absorbing vibration and RFI, but at a simpler level.

Quiescent Balanced Power Distribution Block with separate supplies for source components and power amplifiers. It can also be supplied with Continental Schuko sockets.

However it does offer the huge advantage of also supplying balanced power for four source components – digital sources, phono stage, preamplifier – separately from high power for two amplifiers.

The benefit of balanced power is greatly reduced noise interference with delicate signals early in the system, known as “common mode noise rejection”.

Listeners benefit from the recovered fine detail to hear greatly increased presence, atmosphere, larger sound stage, performers precisely positioned and greater natural timbre to instruments and voices.

Crucially the block does NOT limit power in any way for the two amplifier sockets – they connect directly to the IEC input and filtration takes place “on the side”, shunt filtration, see below. This distribution block avoids regeneration, which may sound attractive but it involves processing the mains through circuitry with chips that can introduce glitches – read more here  and scroll down.

Peak Mains Shunt filter

It does not limit power delivery. Housed in the same low-resonance case as the other mains modules, the Peak Shunt filter is yet another big step up in performance over the Vertex HiRez Jaya, with obvious gains in information across the board – presence, imaging, clarity, timing – all the aspects we seek in an upgrade.

Some mains filters and regenerators have components  such as diodes and chokes in the line, between input and output. These can limit peak current delivery during demanding music passages, causing electronics, and especially amplifiers, to lose energy and sound flat and uninvolving.  If dynamics suffer music loses its excitement at the critical moments.

Amplifier manufacturers sometimes advise against filtration to protect their products’ performance.

As its name suggests the Peak Mains Shunt sidelines  pollution, to earth, with no effect on power delivery. In fact dynamics are likely to improve as the EMI/RFI absorption removes pollution that intermodulates with the signal and destroys information. The Shunt works well with the other Quiescent (and Vertex) mains modules, each complementing the other to raise performance even further.

In use the Shunt is simply plugged into an available socket, either alongside the system or sometimes even more effectively in another socket on the same ring main supply.

Peak loudspeaker blocks

Exactly the same principles and performance gains apply to the loudspeaker blocks, in this case sitting between the amplifier and the speakers.

Quiescent Peak single-wire and bi-wire speaker blocks absorb RFI and vibration. Connect speaker cables to the terminals and the attached flying lead to the speaker or amplifier connections.

Loudspeakers are, by design, giant vibrators to push energy into the air. However 50% of that energy remains in the cabinet.  Some will be absorbed by cabinet material and internal damping but a substantial proportion will be exported through the crossover and out via the metal connecting cables into the amplifier and, of course, from there throughout the entire system along the interconnects.

Use your existing speaker cables or the Quiescent cables to connect to the blocks which can be placed at either the amplifier or the loudspeaker end of the link, whichever is more convenient. We have found in many cases that placed at the amplifier end can be beneficial, depending a lot on materials and construction.






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Quiescent is a new audio company, building on Vertex AQ experience, that draws together a potent set of technologies and experience, from aeronautical engineering and electronics, corporate-level software design and global distribution.

Now building electronics from their own designs Quiescent is able to apply Vertex technology right inside the circuits, at the most vulnerable points, limiting damage from vibration and RFI and EMI interference from spreading within the component.

Prepare for superb new hifi components that out-perform everything you have ever heard – and still leave a down payment for the next one. These are revolutionary in every way: performance, price and the way you buy.

Cables, also drawing on Vertex expertise, provide higher performance at lower prices and give greater flexibility by separating the absorption modules from the cables.

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