The élite brands in our stable, chosen both for outstanding performance and for the way their capabilities integrate in a system

Digital: Accustic Arts, Quiescent, VertexAQ.
Vinyl: B.M.C.Audio, Graham, Spiral Groove, My Sonic Lab.
Tuners: Magnum Dynalab.
Amplifiers: Accustic Arts, Quiescent, Vitus, VTL.
Loudspeakers: Kawero – Classics, Vivace and Chiara, NEAT, Totem, Velodyne (subs).
Cables: Chord Co., DNM, Nordost, Quiescent, Siltech, VertexAQ.
Mains: Quiescent, Vertex AQ.

Supports: Arcici, Hi Fi Racks, LeadingEdge, Townshend, Vertex AQ

Room Acoustics: LeadingEdge


Here are web site links for our suppliers and manufacturers

Accustic Arts – electronics

Graham – tone arms
Hi Fi Racks
Kog Audio – for VTL valve amplifiers and Spiral Groove turntables

Kawero Loudspeakers

LeadingEdge – equipment supports and room treatment

Magnum Dynalab – analogue tuners

My Sonic Lab – phono cartridges

Quiescent Technologies – electronics
Redline – Velodyne subwoofers

Spiral Groove – turntables and tone arms

Vertex AQ – mains treatments, cables and equipment supports

VTL – valve amplification

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"When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece".

John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)