“Accessory of the Year” from HiFi + magazine, for supports and speaker modules

Musicians in your room: natural realism, “presence” and timing

Loudspeaker modules – A hi-fi+ magazine “Accessory of the year”

“– I never knew there was so much noise in the amplifier/speaker chain” said a delighted customer.

It’s a high-energy zone at the speaker end of the system and a lot can be fed back into the system through the cable network. By design, speakers vibrate to move air, 50% into the room and the rest to be handled inside the cabinet and beyond.

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Peak cable module absorbs speaker vibration

Peak loudspeaker module, massive absorption capacity to protect the system from speaker vibration fed back through the cables

Vibration in electronics creates microphony, unwanted small electrical signals that are out-of-phase and out-of-time with the music signal. Not surprisingly these false signals interfere with the music signal, creating distortions and cancellations. Information is lost and cannot be restored by conventional upgrading – it’s gone.

We offer MkII  modules with improved performance £4673 per pair.


Quiescent Apex Couplers  – A hi-fi+ magazine “Accessory of the year”

– so-called because they couple directly electrically and mechanically to the metal chassis of the electronics in the system, draining vibration and RFI/EMI. Audiophiles know about the benefits of isolation – protecting equipment from external vibration – and usually there are  audible benefits BUT isolation also traps vibration already in the system with no exit path.

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Quiescent Apex 40mm couplers

Apex Couplers drain vibration and electrical pollution from components

Vibration sources are loudspeakers and devices such as motors, transformers and even capacitors as they recharge.

There’s a lot more to these Couplers than draining vibration into their internal labyrinths.

In addition to vibration absorption the point on top is the path to conduct away RFI and pollution – EMI or microphony – created by vibration within the system components. The performance gains are huge, not achievable by conventional upgrading at much greater cost.

Apex Couplers under Quiescent Streamer

Quiescent Apex Couplers under the Streamer power supply

No exaggeration, these Couplers are revolutionary. Please call us for more explanation of the upgrades you can expect with the three different height versions,  MkII 40mm £740, 50mm £1331 and 60mm £1884, all per set of three. A fourth is available as an option in each size.

Taking the 40mm size as the reference, the 50mm has x 2 the amount of absorption and the 60mm has x 3.4.




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Discover the fine detail that can bring musicians seemingly into your room.

The information is there already, in your system, but masked – and not just masked but destroyed permanently by interaction with pseudo signals generated by vibration and RFI pollution.

Once gone it cannot be recovered by conventional upgrading.

What is lost is not just good imaging, not even depth and height, but fine detail like the brush of a hand on a string or the faint rustle of clothing. The “presence” now is extraordinary and the music takes on new power and involvement.

Vibration and RFI/EMI absorption is the target for these Quiescent components. Unlike obvious noise like mains hum these pollutants, apparently inaudible, actually mix and interact with the music signal to destroy detail and introduce unpleasant  effects such as a strident top end and a loose, vague bass.

However good your major components are you could be losing 30-40% of their capability – the part that brings realism, evokes emotion and involvement.

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“Accessory of the Year” from HiFi + magazine, for supports and speaker modules

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