“Noise” grounding, reveal a new soundscape

Quiescent Grounding Module

Ground electrical “noise” in digital systems, reveal more music.

“The realism now is extraordinary”, a typical comment from people using the new Quiescent Grounding Blocks.

Customers with dCS, Naim, Wadia and other digital equipment are hearing a new level of fine detail that creates realism and “presence”, a bigger soundstage, a sweeter top end and a much quieter background, especially where there are several digital items in the system.

The new Quiescent Grounding Block absorbs electrical noise on the equipment ground, to prevent it circulating to pollute all components in the system. This noise is especially damaging in any digital music circuitry because it interacts with the high speed processing fundamental to digital replay, creating a hard edge and destroying the detail that creates realism, imaging and presence.

A common ground circulates the noise everywhere

Standard circuit design practice is to earth noise from power supplies and boards to a ground common to the whole system. In other words, all system components connected to this ground are affected. Ground should be a 0V reference point for the system’s power supply, but when it’s carrying a voltage varying at very high speed the music signal becomes polluted, audibly.

Vertex AQ, the predecessor to Quiescent, launched their Pico product in 2013 when they recognised the damage being caused. This Grounding Block is a much improved successor, containing Quiescent’s patented technology. The shaped design and scrolling on the case help to limit reflections and resonance.

The Grounding Block costs £1995 and highly-absorbent complementary cables are £300-£400, depending on length. They plug into unused sockets on equipment and they can be terminated with your choice of RCA,BNC, AES/EBU, spade etc.
Contact us to borrow a Grounding Module to trial in your own system.

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