A lot more music for not a lot of money?

“Upgrading” means buying new equipment, right?

Well no, actually! You’ve already bought the system components, now reveal just how good they can be. There will be a lot of performance that’s simply being smothered by pollution.

Don’t upgrade boxes – remove pollution.

 Bring realism, presence and energy to your music system – in low-cost steps.

Draining vibration and electrical noise

3 Quiescent Apex 40mm couplers

Apex Couplers drain vibration and electrical pollution from components

“The two sets of Zenith* couplers have already taken my listening to a new level, exceeding my expectation. The improvement was immediate and obvious, and grows with each listening. Truly amazing !” – a delighted customer.

(* Improved design in three sizes now called Apex Couplers)

Selected by hifi+ magazine as an “Accessory of the Year“.

Try before you buy – borrow some sets for your own system.

Apex Couplers under Quiescent Streamer power supply

Quiescent Apex Couplers under the Streamer power supply

Audiophiles know they must ban vibration – microphony. These supports kill it dead, draining it into their internal labyrinths. Read moreNormal box-upgrading will not– cannot – recover lost information.

Digital sources – Change your Ethernet cables for Quiescent  DATA cables with EMI/RFI absorption for another upgrade at modest cost but with big gains –  1m to 6m, £552 to £1452.

Read the Mains/Cables/Supports sections for your best, most cost-effective upgrades ever. Vertex AQ merged its technology into Quiescent and this comprehensive review from hifi+  encapsulates our approach to improving system performance. The highlighted summary at the end of the review is thought-provoking.

The Right Note Proprietor, Jeremy Baldwin

“We specialise in advice at the deep level – system, mains, room.” Jeremy





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