We are very good at putting the magic into systems!

OK, not much modesty there, but we reckon 95% of the systems we’ve heard are delivering only 60-70% of their potential – and what’s missing is where the magic lies.

It’s the magic that will keep you riveted into the early hours.

When people say, “I’m happy with the sound of my system” it doesn’t reassure us.  Sadly it means they’ve just not unleashed the lurking potential.  The kit could do it but it’s being manacled.

The magic that’s missing is being destroyed by pollution, complex combinations of vibration and radio frequency interference that literally destroy imaging, timing and “presence”, and instead overlay a hard edge, sibilance and poor imaging.  The system is downgraded and conventional box-swapping will not recover lost information.

“We specialise in holistic advice at the deep level – system, mains, room.” Jeremy

The system needs protecting from external and internal damaging forces.

Borrow the tools and discover the magic

We help by lending components for home trial that absorb and neutralise the damage to reveal the essence of music that grips our attention for the goose-bump response.

We specialise in thoughtful, long-term planning – read the Advice page under Equipment and at the start of each sub-section. It’s drawn from our experience with hundreds of systems in people’s own homes over more than 25 years. It’s helped to lift the clouds of confusion when they know something’s “not right” – but where to start? Is it the mains, the supports, the room? A more powerful amp? Why is the bass boomy, why is the treble harsh?

“I’m not enjoying music as much as I should, considering what I’ve spent. What do you suggest?”

Removing pollution liberates the components to let the system sing. Equipment supports, siting of speakers, discrete room treatments and mains cleaning from Quiescent, Vertex AQ and LeadingEdge can bring such dramatic benefits that changing components becomes secondary.

If an item seems weak we might talk about digital components from Accustic Arts and Quiescent, amplifiers from VTL or Quiescent, turntables from Spiral Groove or speakers from Kaiser.

First, establish solid, reliable foundations –

– that allow your equipment to deliver its potential, then build on them. Read the Mains/Cables/Supports sections. It could lead you to your best, most cost-effective upgrades ever. This comprehensive review from hifi+ some years ago encapsulates our approach to improving system performance and the products we sell that follow a similar philosophy, from source components to speakers. The highlighted summary at the end of the review is thought-provoking.

Have you ever thought why there’s so much secondhand equipment for sale?


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