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Zenith couplers drain vibration, RF interference and induced currents that circulate in the metal casework, all damaging the music signal.

On the face of it a pretty prosaic topic.  Surely the manufacturers supply good feet that isolate the components from vibration?

Well, actually they don’t and anyway isolation is only part of the story  for equipment to work well and deliver its potential.

The big problem is that equipment generates its own vibration – you know, microphony? – internally. Villains are power transformers and loudspeakers that distribute vibration effectively throughout the system via the metal connecting cables. So, isolating components the traditional way, just from floor vibration, actually traps system-generated vibration inside the components where it does a lot of damage.

What we really need is the right combination of draining energy from the components and also isolating them from external sources of vibration. We think of standard feet as suitable for nothing more than protecting the furniture.

You need only to experiment with cones of different materials – steel, brass, wood, ceramic – to hear different results. Are any right?!

And then there’s RF interference

RFI is a major cause of hard, edgy treble that everybody hates, especially when listening to digital sources. This is “NOT DIGITAL SOUND”! – it’s RF contamination.

Radio Frequencies enter the system from broadcasts and through the mains and the big problem for audio is that the digital/analogue conversion process cannot separate them from the music signal. Both get processed together.

We’ve found an excellent solution is the Quiescent Zenith couplers which do a lot more than passive supports.  As well as isolation from outside interference they very effectively drain vibration and RF contamination, together with the induced currents that circulate around metal casework.

There’s a lot of science involved here and the improvements with the right items can be dramatic.  We’ll lend you the tools to prove it to your own satisfaction.

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