Quiescent Apex Equipment Couplers

Three Quiescent Apex equipment supports

Apex couplers drain RF interference, vibration and induced currents that circulate in the metal casework, all damaging the music signal.

“The two sets of Zenith (now called Apex*) couplers have already taken my listening to a new level, exceeding my expectation. The improvement was immediate and obvious, and grows with each listening. Truly amazing !” – a delighted customer with a Naim amplifier and a Yamaha CD player.

The Quiescent Apex couplers remove the hated hard edge, open the sound, improve imaging and tighten the bass.

Use them throughout your system – under turntables, CD players, streamers, preamps and power amps, because they:

•  ground electrical “noise”

•  absorb Radio Frequency Interference

•  drain vibration into internal labyrinths

•  absorb magnetic currents that circulate around metal casework

•  are a major upgrade for an existing rack, especially glass and wood shelves

Systems create their own vibration, from transformers and loudspeakers, and it’s carried throughout by the metal cables. Apex couplers absorb this vibration and drain it away, turning it internally into heat. But if you isolate your equipment from its surroundings you actually trap vibration inside the electronics.

Vibration, too feeble for us to feel, interacts with delicate signals that create realism and atmosphere and destroys that information.

Naim owners with additional PSUs – you’re in for a treat!

Apex supports absorb RF interference

RFI is a major cause of hard, edgy treble that everybody hates and digital sources are especially vulnerable. This is NOT “digital sound“! – it’s RF contamination.

Radio Frequencies enter the system from TV and radio broadcasts, mobile signals and through the mains, generated by LED and fluorescent lights, wifi distributed via the mains and simple switch mode power supplies.  Your DAC (digital/analogue converter, separate or built-in) cannot distinguish them from the music signal. All are processed together and, similar to vibration damage, key music information is destroyed.

This information cannot be recovered by any equipment upgrading.  Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Apex couplers under the Quiescent Streamer

Try Quiescent supports before you buy

– we’ll lend you some to try in your own system.

*The Zeniths have been re-named to Apex in line with other products in the Quiescent range, such as the cables.

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