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Hi-Fi News reviews the dCS, VTL and Kaiser speaker system of a customer with installations in three homes. Peter mentions several times about being “persuaded” by me to upgrade. He’s a perfectionist and needed only to hear the improvements … Honestly!  HFN Jan’11 L.res

“Far and away the best sound…” hifi+ on the Park Inn show March ’11
“Far and away the best sound at the show was that in the Right Note room.” This was the verdict of hifi+ magazine in their report on the show.

The writer went on to mention our new Vivace loudspeakers and his overall comment was: “The sound was expressive, fast, deep and detailed. More importantly it was believable at any volume level, which is an almost impossible task given the potential of the average hotel room.”

Hi-Fi News – Beautiful Bach in Bath
“…the thrills of the concert hall and intimate sounds of the string quartet” in his listening room.
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Hi-Fi News – Concert hall at home
Music in the concert hall is important to this month’s HFN reader and his pianist wife.
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Hi-Fi News – Classical Drama
“…Michael had refused to fall prey to doubts and insecurities that send enthusiasts reeling from one dealer to another, from one system concept to another, and often to despair.”
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Hi-Fi News – Bedroom System
This is a Bedroom system? Well, it’s no ordinary bedroom and it’s certainly no ordinary system…
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Hi-Fi Choice – Sweetness and Bite
“The energy and location of each instrumental performance is adroitly imaged, a wonderful ‘listen through’ clarity in the mid to treble region giving the listener full view of every individual note.”
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The Mains – it’s your primary source

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Quiescent Streamer – book a demonstration!

It will give you a new reference point in audio...

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