Kawero! Classic

Kawero! Classic, The Compact BIG speaker

Like their smaller brethren these Classic speakers produce a scale, presence and involvement out of all proportion to their size – and price. In short, they are truly astonishing and re-write listeners’ expectations of music reproduction in the home. Breath-taking is one description.

“Smitten” is the word Paul Messenger used in his review HiFi+ Classic.  Read also Positive Feedback  and especially  SoundStage Ultra for greater understanding of the Classic’s capabilities and the extraordinary manufacturing demands.

Every time, listeners and reviewers comment on the huge scale and power of the Classic, performance well beyond its actual size compared with physically ‘big’ loudspeakers.  Soundstage is massive and immersive, while bass is deep, clean and fast, providing the essential underpinning for large-scale performances, whether classical,  electronic or rock.

The Classic is ideal for larger listening rooms but versions can be fine-tuned for smaller rooms to suit customer tastes and circumstances.

Kawero Classic floor standing loudspeakers















These extraordinary loudspeakers were the first in the range, and over the years in many countries have regularly earned ‘best sound at the show’ comments from experienced reviewers.

Rainer Weber, the designer, is both a committed audiophile and  also one of the world’s leading acoustics and psycho-acoustics experts, retained by the German automotive industry to design solutions for Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW/Audi vehicles, designing out intrusive noise but feeding back the essential sounds that give us aural confirmation of an action.

Kawero Classic floor standing loudspeakers

The Classic has many unusual features, one of which is that they can be fine-tuned to individual tastes and room conditions. There’s a choice of three custom bass drive units, so depending on the reverberation time of the listening room and listening preferences Kaiser will select a matching woofer, tune the port frequencies and the midrange passive drive unit on the back to optimise the sound.

From the partnership with Vertex AQ in the UK a key performance option is an upgraded internal crossover with Vertex’s vibration-draining labyrinths and EMI/RFI shielding. Taken a stage further this crossover can be housed externally, away from the cabinet’s internal energy, and built with the best Duelund capacitors and coils.

Over many years hundreds of customers have enjoyed truly massive improvements to system performance from Vertex components, especially around the speaker/amplifier interface where signal damage from speaker-generated vibration can hobble even the most exotic systems.

Visit the Kaiser Acoustics web site: Kawero! range

Classic Features

•    Perfect step response, as the tweeter is adjustable forward and back to match the listening distance, very important for sound stage portrayal
•    Tweeter can also be rotated to ensure consistent and uniform radiation
•    Perfect power response, very important for natural tonal colours or timbre – rear firing woofer and passive radiator compensate for the ‘baffle step’ in most speakers as lower, omnidirectional frequencies cause cancellations
•    The mid-bass drive unit is connected directly to the amplifier, not through a crossover, a 1st order all pass filter without any electrical components
•    All cone drivers are custom-modified units from AudioTechnology in Denmark, while the tweeter is the outstanding RAAL ribbon unit
•    Choice of bass response characteristics, matched to the listening room and customers’ preferences
•    Target response developed with psychoacoustic science
•    Blauert Band design for realistic height of voices

•    Customers can choose almost any finish they wish, whether in colour, veneer or level of sheen, to blend into domestic furnishings or to make a design statement.

Visit the Kaiser Acoustics web site:  Kawero! range


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The cabinet for the superb RAAL ribbon tweeter can be moved backwards, forwards and rotated for optimum imaging


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