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CD player? Loudspeakers? Cables? What should I change to improve my hifi system? My system sounds rather bright and tiring, how can I improve it? Is brand X amplifier better than brand Y?

Not happy with your hi-fi system? it’s almost certainly not the equipment!

Many dealers will say that you have to buy a better turntable, a more modern CD player, a more powerful amplifier or bigger loudspeakers. Did you know the last two can make matters worse!

We specialise in thoughtful, long-term advice. It's helped hundreds of people over 20 years to lift the clouds of confusion when they know something's "not right" but where to start.  Is it the mains, the supports, the room?  A more powerful amp?  Why is the bass boomy, why is the treble harsh?

Siting of speakers, equipment supports, discrete room treatments and mains cleaning from

Vertex AQ

LeadingEdge can bring such dramatic benefits that changing components becomes secondary.

that we might talk about digital components from Quiescent, amplifiers and valves from VTL, turntables from Spiral Groove or speakers from Kaiser Kawero!

First, establish solid, reliable foundations then build on them, not flail around trying and expensively discarding components in a dispiriting search for the answer. Ever thought why there's so much secondhand equipment for sale?

There is great advice all over this site but check especially at the top of each equipment section. It could save you a lot of heartache and wasted money.

Jeremy Baldwin