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We welcome your calls to open a conversation, because very often we find people blame the wrong part of their system. Unfortunately then they start to hunt for the solution to their own diagnosis.

For this very reason you’ll notice that we do not sell online.  Research, of course, but discuss before you decide.

The sound that’s troubling you may be the result of a problem, not the source. We can discuss your upgrade plans and nine times out of ten we steer you to better results for the money you have to spend.

Read the Advice page at the top of Equipment and each sub-section.

Fill in your query or system details on the form below so that we have the information if you decide to call. Please always call before coming for a demonstration so that we have equipment set up and can meet your requirements exactly.

We always respond fast to enquiries so please try again, or better still phone us, if there’s any delay in case your message has gone astray.

We are based between Bath and Bristol:

56 High Street
BS31 3EJ

Jeremy Baldwin
Telephone No. 07976 205953 or 01225 874728

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