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Superb LeadingEdge equipment rack by Kaiser Acoustics


This beautiful piece of craftsman-built furniture is actually one of the highest-performing equipment racks available. If you think it looks simply like a nice piece of furniture you would be seriously mistaken!

This LeadingEdge rack offers four ways to improve system performance:

  • vibration draining for each component separately
  • isolation from external interference for each level separately
  • RF absorption and shielding by the side panels and the platforms
  • acoustic energy absorption on the lower levels

Installing this rack would bring a whole system upgrade, unlike money spent on improving individual components.

Reviewers have heaped praise on the LeadingEdge racks and acoustic panels and this is one of the most comprehensive from hifi +

Double-width rack in walnut finish and contrasting black frames

Most racks concentrate only on isolation but this LeadingEdge rack tackles the even more important areas of vibration created within the system mainly by the speakers and transformers, and shielding from RF contamination.

The benefits of these sophisticated treatments are considerable: quieter background, cleaner, faster bass and better timing, a huge increase in sound stage and separation and cleaner, sweeter treble from reduced intermodulation.

Those are the “hifi” attributes but the long-term benefits are that listeners become more involved in the performances and just enjoy the music more.  Detail is resolved from recordings to create a stronger impression of musicians “present” in the room.

Extra-size 550 x 530mm platforms accommodate larger components such as turntables with external motors

The sophisticated treatments to absorb vibration, isolate from external interference and absorb RF pollution are contained within the platforms.  Vibration is drained from components through a hard steel coupling tripod that rests on a metal plate let into the platform and thence into a labyrinth within the platform to dissipate the energy.

Double levels of isolation are achieved with absorbent pads under both the rack feet and also under each platform, all individually adjustable for levelling.

Further RF absorption is provided by panels that sit between the components, three on each level.

One of the RF-absorbing panels with the hard steel cone (centre) that “earths” vibration from the chassis into the platforms

RF-absorbing Mini Panels sit within the frames to shield components, three per level












This superb audiophile item of furniture in mint condition retails at nearly £20,000 but is offered at £7,250.

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