Quiescent Streamer

Quiescent Streamer – a ground-breaking design

The Quiescent Streamer is designed to be the best musical source you have ever heard and yet operates with open standards in architecture, hardware and software. The best in the world?

Future-proofed, spurning proprietary technologies.

The Quiescent streamer:

  • is probably the best in the world
  •  uses unique, ground-breaking Vertex technology in circuits and casework to absorb electrical contamination, generated by the system itself, pollution that mutilates the music signal and destroys information
  • banishes hard-edged, brittle, unnatural sound and preserves fine detail and ambience
  • streams music from any source up to 384kS/sec
  • outputs both standard SPDIF digital signals and also analogue audio from an internal high quality DAC
  • minimises cross-contamination of the signal by placing the power supply in a separate box

Research by Quiescent showed that many listeners are not satisfied with the sound quality of streamers – from audible signal corruption – and do not like proprietary operating systems.  The answer:

  • open architecture and operating systems – Windows 10 or Linux and the user’s choice of interface, e.g. Roon, J River, KODI or Plex
  • mature, open standards for conversion and connectivity

Mathematically-designed scrolling, both outside and inside the casework, just part of the extensive energy and resonance control measures

Streamer design

The Quiescent Streamer consists of the sensitive head unit where music signals are processed and the Linear Power Supply (ie not switch mode), separately housed to avoid any possible interference. Streaming can be from any digital source: on-line – Tidal, Qobuz etc – from NAS drives, USB memory sticks or the internal solid state drive and at all rates up to 24-bit 384kS/s and DSD256.

Thanks to the extensive Vertex treatment and other damage control features, the DAC built into the Quiescent Streamer offers a very high quality analogue output, including volume control, on RCA sockets, but leaves scope for even greater performance later by connecting the digital output to any high-quality DAC or a Quiescent DAC, developed from the astonishing Vertex Aletheia DAC.

Examples of original thinking in the streamer design:

  • fluorescent displays and LEDs create ‘noise’ or electrical interference, so they are banned in the streamer and control is transferred to the user’s tablet or phone
  • wholly passive cooling to avoid vibration from fans
  • casework that furthers the aims of energy control and RFI/EMI damage, with mathematically-designed disruptive scrolling externally and internally
  • helical scribing inside the heatsink tubes absorbs high frequency energy and induced magnetic fields circulating in the case are broken with a non-metallic top plate
  • built-in capability to control volume and inputs on a separate preamp which, like the streamer will have no electrically ‘noisy’ displays or LEDs and no internal remote control noisily waiting for a signal

High speed processing done well

The T-Series Quiescent Streamer is extremely fast without spraying its circuits with RF interference, tackling the problem at source by innovative design and Vertex absorption techniques throughout.

Speed is crucial for correct tracking and response to all high speed digital signals. However it is where so many conventional streamers and DACs stumble, creating electromagnetic radiation and acoustic and radio frequency interference – the faster the circuit as it strains to cope with the data stream, the greater the damage to the music signal.

We hear this damage as hash or harshness and in untreated electronics it worsens with dense and dynamic music. The damage also cancels extremely important 3D phase information that creates the realism of an open sound stage and imaging of musicians. Damaged phase information loses presence, realism and involvement with the performance.

The streamer head unit shown on top of the power supply. Note the complex multi-core power connections between the cabinets

Clean power is crucial

Clean power is a crucial element in any high-end component – it doesn’t just drive the “engine”, it is also directly what you listen to, modulated by the musical signal. The separate Linear Power Supply Unit (LPSU), like the streamer head unit, has multiple passive vibration and RFI absorption modules between subsystems so that each one operates in its own electrically quiet environment.  Such a clean supply produces the highly-valued “black background” from which music with natural timbre, detail and presence emerges intact.

The powerful (500VA) highly-specified transformer has absorption modules on its primary middle tap as well as an energy drain on the output from the bridge rectification.

Performance of both the sensitive Quiescent Streamer head unit and the LPSU benefit hugely from the ultra-fast discrete voltage regulation and isolation techniques that prevent cross- pollution between them.


Extraordinary clarity, realism and presence, even with CD-level material – experience performers -in-the-room. Listeners have been awe-struck with a sound quality they have never previously experienced.  Remove pollution and the purity of digital sound can be jaw-dropping.

Read comments from two experienced listeners at the development trials.

Visit the Quiescent web site for further information.  Prices from £18,840 inc VAT with 512GB of internal storage.



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Quiescent is a new audio company that draws together a potent set of technologies and experience, from aeronautical engineering and electronics, corporate-level software design and global distribution.

That trio of talents is applied to new hifi components that out-perform everything you have ever heard. These are revolutionary in every way: performance, price and the way you buy.

What is Vertex tech?

Quiescent solutions build on 20+ years of Vertex AQ experience, with mains ‘cleaning’, cables and RF and vibration treatments placed outside the main system components. Now that technology is integrated right inside the new Quiescent circuits, at the most vulnerable points.  Damage to the music signal is killed at source.

No other company does such in-depth treatment.

At development trials experienced listeners reacted with “goose bumps” and “blown away”. Over-used? Not this time.

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