The Mains – it’s your primary source

Clean mains is crucial

The new Quiescent streamer sets such a high performance bar that it has made us re-evaluate system vulnerabilities, including the huge importance of ‘clean’ mains. It means we’re learning a lot ourselves from the listening experiences coupled with existing knowledge.

Peak Mains double module – your existing cables could be fitted with Powercon connectors, far better than IECs

HiRez Taga mains block with UK 13A sockets, also available with Continental Schuko sockets


We know the streamer’s capabilities so we hear immediately if a customer’s system is pulling it down.  Mains supplies and their problems are much more complex than you might think.  A simple filter and one or two decent cables will not be enough in a high-performance system.  Radio frequencies and vibration travel on the mains directly into the heart of all components, interact with the music signal and destroy information.

Fact: a simpler system with clean mains will trounce one with expensive components but running on mediocre mains quality.

Advice: start with the mainsThat is your primary source. Better major components reveal the damage caused by contaminated mains, especially if they are treated by ‘filtration’ techniques that introduce other problems.

Upgrading the big boxes is tempting but they won’t reward their cost unless the ‘fuel’ is clean.

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The Mains – it’s your primary source

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