Quiescent DAC

Quiescent DAC – probably best in the world

This product, under development, incorporates Vertex technology that absorbs vibration and RFI/EMI at circuit board level.  Read more about the fundamental importance of this technology under Quiescent and Vertex.

Read one of the spectacular reviews of the original Vertex Aletheia DAC on which the Quiescent DAC will be based.  The sections highlighted on P.2 illustrate the potency of the Vertex pollution treatment technology placed around the internal circuitry. Even when switched off but still connected into the system it was acting as a ‘black hole’, absorbing vibration and RF damage through the cable network.  Alan Sircom was thrilled with the DAC performance but was puzzled when his test system still benefitted even with the DAC switched off!

No company understands better the damage caused by vibration and RFI and no other company builds such sophisticated treatment technology inside their electronics.

Major problems with digital replay that creep into the sound as music becomes denser and louder are the hard edge and congestion, all too familiar to listeners.  Labelled wrongly as ‘digital sound’ – as the Quiescent Streamer shows digital sound can be sparkling clean – it’s one of the reasons many listeners are dissatisfied with streamers presently on the market and also the growing popularity of LP replay.

These types of pollution interact, or intermodulate, with the music signal and destroy information that cannot be recovered posthumously. No amount of conventional upgrading can retrieve it.

In simple terms, the circuits in more conventional digital products cannot keep up with the demands of the music and the strains become audible and unpleasant.  Some companies try to alleviate the artefacts by increased processing but high speed chips – we call them ‘busy chips’ – create further audible glitches.  Read this advice article.

The Quiescent solution is to harness over 20 years of Vertex AQ experience (read more below in the right column) with external treatments – such as mains ‘cleaning’ and vibration-absorbing cables – and to integrate that Vertex technology right inside the circuits, at the most vulnerable points. The damage is killed at source, even better than with external components. The performance jumps are staggering.

A DAC capability that outputs analogue audio with a volume control is built into the Quiescent Streamer but a separate DAC will be part of the range to offer even higher performance.

Please check back for updates.


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Quiescent expertise

Quiescent is a new audio company that draws together a  potent set of technologies and experience, from aeronautical engineering and electronics, corporate-level software design and global distribution.

This expertise has been applied to develop their Streamer, probably the best in the world, eliminating from the start the issues of discordant sound quality, proprietary software and a variable user interface that people find unsatisfactory.

No other company does such in-depth treatment.

At development trials with the Streamer experienced listeners reacted with “goose bumps” and “blown away”. Over-used? Not this time.

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