New streamer at the hifi show, 21-22 September

Vivace – a 3-way speaker with a  90kg inert cabinet, Vertex-treated crossover and a ribbon tweeter. On sale!

The new Quiescent streamer in its first public show will be the centre of a high end system, demonstrating its superb powers to resolve fine detail in demanding recordings and teamed with the latest Quiescent products.  There’s a ‘presence’ of musicians you may never have heard before.

Other star items are the Peak mains and loudspeaker blocks, fitted in-line with the Peak cables to absorb radio frequency interference (RFI) and vibration circulating in the system.

Quiescent Streamer heat sinks don't ring

The two-box streamer with its Note the CNC-machined heat sinks – not fins which ‘ring’ and add resonance

Zenith supports will be under the electronics, continuing the process of absorbing RFI and vibration.

Even the Vivace loudspeakers from Kaiser Acoustics continue the absorption story with similar technology applied to the crossover. These speakers will be for sale at the show with a 60% discount.

Why so much emphasis on vibration and RFI? – because they interact with the music signal and destroy key information that defines rhythm, timing, timbre of voices and instruments and ‘presence’ of performers.  In short, a level of realism you may never have heard before.

See us on 21/22 September at the Woodland Grange hifi show near Leamington Spa, CV32 6RN.





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