CEC belt-drive CD transport

CEC TL5 CD transport

The CEC TL5 CD transport uses a belt drive to separate the delicate data-reading process from vibration and electrical noise, rather than the direct drive of most CD players where the disc sits directly above the motor. Disc stability is improved still further by being loaded from the top onto a turntable and clamped down with a heavy puck.

In most players the disc is clamped onto the spindle only at its centre and the spindle itself is an extension of the motor shaft. Inevitably, the disc will tend to flutter with vibration from the motor, making it harder for the laser to read data accurately.  The laser gets only one chance to collect data as the disc spins and if something is missing from the “checksum” the software will interpolate its best guess, not ideal.

No doubt down to the first-time accurate retrieval of data the sound is very natural and ‘organic’.

Read the review from HiFi Pig.

In this model updated from the TL3N the owner can easily change the drive belt.

Retail price £2,600


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