AUDACIOUS! World-class 400W valve amp, 75% discount 

One of the world’s greatest stereo valve amplifiers. This VTL 400W is AS NEW, under 500 hours of use, complete as it came from the factory.

An opportunity to buy an extraordinary Series 1 amplifier at a bargain price – currently over £40k, now £8350

VTL S400 Stereo valve amplifier

 ” … the S-400 is a stunning achievement— a technological tour de force…”  and   “Twenty years from now, we’ll all remember the S-400 as a benchmark in tube amplifier design.” – the review by Brian Damkroger in Stereophile after living with it for a year.

Brian’s findings on performance: 

• “Its colorations were so minor that I have no frame of reference within which to isolate and identify them.”

• “As superb as those other (comparison) amplifiers and components are, the VTL’s neutrality, clarity, and transparency set it apart.”

Here’s the full review: <>

Key functions of the amplifier, to ensure long-term reliability and extended valve life, are handled by microprocessor:

• start-up takes 4 minutes while circuits and valves come slowly up to full power

• output valves are auto-biased and only when there’s no music signal 

• precision regulation of power supplies, especially the high voltages for the valves, to within 0.1% – 0.2%, even during heavy demand.

Mains voltage is set for 240V.

Check panel shows hours of use, fewer than 500

In designing this amplifier VTL’s aim was to “make valves invisible” to the owner, reliable and simple to use.

I bought this S-400 as a reference point for checking my demonstration system performance.

I will despatch the amplifier in its original wooden box on a pallet – superb protection. I can arrange shipping within UK for about £90 and to Europe from about £170 (for example to Germany). I can quote for other countries.

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