“Stunning”, “Best sound in show”

The Autumn hifi show, Woodland Grange hotel near Leamington Spa on 21/22 September

Visitors to our room left comments on the Prize Draw cards –

  • Stunning! (GS)
  • Nice sound, lifeline for digital (MS)
  • Very nice sound (MB)
  • Best sound in show (EB)
  • Amazing quality, very low noise floor. PRESENCE! WOW! (MR)
  • Enjoyed chat and much appreciated advice received. Thanks. (AW)

Very rewarding for us, as were the numbers who stayed to listen and those who left to explore but came back for more.

Our demonstration setup, the Quiescent two-box streamer on the top and the Vertex DAC1.5 and Balanced power supply on the lower level.














Note the Quiescent Peak energy-absorbing blocks on the speaker cables.

The star was the Quiescent two-box streamer at its first public show, also seen in Quiescent’s own room. The enthusiastic comments from visitors are typical of listeners’ reactions who have never heard before the potential clarity, purity and presence of streamed music. We heard the natural timbre of voices and instruments from musicians spread across the room before us.

Helping to protect the signal through the system from vibration and RF damage were Quiescent and Vertex products:

  • the Vertex DAC 1.5
  • the Vertex Balanced power supply PSU2
  • Quiescent Peak modules on the mains and speaker cables
  • Quiescent Zenith equipment supports under the streamer and the power amplifier

Valve amplification was by VTL TL-7.5 two-box preamp and S-200 power amp.

Speakers were the Kawero Vivaces, hugely reduced for sale at £11,250.

We ran a Prize Draw to win a Vertex Silver Jaya Plus mains filter, won by Mr Martin of Worcs.

On both days we ran a 45-minute seminar on the subject of “Getting the best from the kit you’ve bought” and were delighted at the turnout of about 35 people each day. The topics we covered included:

  • siting of equipment and speakers in the room
  • the benefits of care with room wall textures and furnishings
  • the damage to the music signal from vibration and RF contamination created within the system, especially from transformers and speakers (vibration) and high speed processing (RFI)
  • the huge importance of cleaning the mains – it’s what we listen to.


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Vivace – pure, uncoloured sound from an inert, non-resonant cabinet that weighs 90kg, Vertex-treated crossover and a ribbon tweeter, resolves fine detail to create lifelike musicians’ images that float in space. Reduced to £11.250

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“Stunning”, “Best sound in show”

The Autumn hifi show, Woodland Grange hotel near Leamington Spa...

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