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What Others Say - Vertex

We have received many comments from delighted customers over the years. Here is a selection.

Experience with the new Quiescent Streamer:

Our comment: The chips in modern high resolution DACs are set ready to correct less-than-perfect input signals with sophisticated algorithms and noise shaping, processes that can create new inaccuracies. This long-term customer, who has steadily introduced HiRez Vertex products into his music and separate AV systems, kindly allowed us to feed the cleanest possible signal directly into the DACs in his mighty Meridian active speakers, giving the internal electronics a much easier time.

The musical comparisons here are between his CDs, played in the normal way on the 808 transport, and the same music downloaded from Tidal through the Quiescent Streamer connected directly to the active speakers. These are his impressions.

(Read more about the technology Qu tech)

Impressions of the Quiescent Streamer

"The streamer was used fed directly into Meridian 8000SE speakers. These are active speakers featuring 750 watts each. They also incorporate DACs and use beryllium tweeters for extended high frequency performance. In other words, the speakers should allow us to fairly assess the streamer’s capabilities.


First off was Bach’s Cantata BWV106 performed under John Eliot Gardiner for Archiv. It begins with recorders and organ in the foreground and then gives full scope to varied solo and choral contributions. The sopranos in particular sounded especially sweet with a very extended and unfettered range. Not only was the separation of the various elements outstanding, so that no detail was lost, but everything was also blended into a coherent whole. This may seem fanciful but the spiritual dimension of the music was fully present with a very atmospheric rendition. 

Next came ‘Dub in a time of cholera’ by Dub Colossus from Dub me tender. The dub bass was remarkably deep but also fully articulate, with no hint of bloating. Notable too was the extreme width, height and spatial depth. All this combined to produce a very involving experience. 

The largest scale recording was Berlioz’s Requiem performed by Colin Davis and the London Symphony Orchestra. This is a work of colossal size calling for a huge orchestra including augmented timpani, four additional but spatially dispersed brass sections, and a choir of mass voices. The impact of this was sensational, in a piece where, all too often, the timpani are not fully heard or felt. 

After this, Jeff Beck continued the drama with ‘Blast from the east’ and ‘Space for the papa’ from the album Who else! The attack of his guitar and the unimpeded dynamics were astonishing but equally noteworthy were the transients from the drums to produce music of great excitement. 

To turn to two acoustic guitars might seem to invite anti-climax but in the case of Rodrigo y Gabriela, where they treat their instruments like percussion as well as strings, the high-energy assault continued. On ‘Orion’ from Rodrigo y Gabriela it is easy for the two instruments to become blurred and the sound confused. Here though, an appropriate separation was established without danger to the integrity of the music, leaving us to marvel that two people could produce such complex and dynamic music from such simple instruments. 

Finally came Ivo Pogorelich, playing a Scarlatti sonata, K. 380 on piano. The system gave full scope to his remarkable modulation and articulation which rendered the music with such character and fascination.


All told, this is clearly a streamer for all music types. We could not have thrown anything more extreme at it. All the hi-fi virtues of tonal accuracy, width, spatial depth, height, dynamics, rhythm, extended frequencies, sharply defined transients and presence were clearly present. But finally, what matters is the music and the virtuosity (not vulgar display) of the performers and their musical intelligence. This streamer allows us to hear and feel it as intended."

HL, Devon
Commenting on the new Quiescent streamer:

This customer is an experienced listener and has developed an impressive-sounding Meridian system through careful application of Vertex vibration and RF absorbing products.

"It’s a real shame your internet service went down at such an awkward time, but what we listened to from the hard drive still made a big impression on me.  The first piece you played with the very openly recorded harpsichord grabbed my attention immediately.  While I didn’t know the piece, my head snapped round at the first note, even with you standing between me and the speakers.  There was a palpable ‘realness’ and, to my ears, a level of tunefulness I’ve not heard before.  Tunefulness isn’t a big enough word, because it’s hackneyed in the hi-fi world and what we listened to immediately beforehand was hardly ‘un-tuneful’.  It’s just that I’ve never heard Hi-Fi play music with such a compelling sense of pitch, with notes so full, rich, solid and bang-on pitch.  I’ve a feeling this comment won’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t heard the two setups side by side, but it’s the best I can do.
We listened to a couple of other pieces, both classical, neither of which I knew.  While they both sounded good, my feeling was that the standard of the recordings and performances wasn’t as high as the first piece and it was hard for me to make any judgement.  But then we found Eric Clapton’s ‘Unplugged’, an album I know well and when we listened to ‘Tears in Heaven’, I knew straight away that I was listening to something very special.  This track reinforced what I’d heard with the first piece, but far more deeply and broadly.  Again, the first thing that struck me was the ‘tunefulness’ and I’m not sure why: I guess it’s just the first thing  that my ears were drawn to.  Overall, the sound had a gorgeous sense of space, ease and coherence, with speed and snap that made it feel alive from inside.  It was as if all the grunge that I’ve spent too much of my life fighting (mechanical feedback and RF) that gets in the way in a normal system was almost completely gone and what was left behind was what Hi-Fi always should have sounded like.  I’ve come to know very well what mechanical feedback and RF sound like in a good system, so the near absence of both was really striking to my ears.
As you know, my system is quite high-end, though a little way behind state-of-the art these days, but it’s probably among the better setup and optimised systems out there in the way of isolation and RF management.  So I’ve heard very expensive systems at shows (never good) in stores, at events and at other people’s homes that can play music better in one or two respects, but I’ve never heard a system that plays music at an altogether different level across the board.  Your system with the Quiescent streamer did just that."

Dave C, Bristol

A customer with an all-Naim system who bought a LeadingEdge platform, a VertexAQ Taga distribution block and a Roirama mains lead:

Firstly, now after a week (in which I'm sure there's been a little more time for it to settle in) I have to say that I am delighted with the results. To be honest I still find it difficult to reconcile how it all works, but it most clearly does, and I'm amazed at the sound. As you know, I was very keen to maintain the Naim sound, and probably because of their general philosophy of don't add anything etc, I was a little nervous until you demonstrated the equipment.

Now, with all the CD's I have, I really am amazed at the extra detail that I can hear. The way that sound of instruments, from cello, violin, cymbals etc just are so much more lifelike. More than this, it is the way the  music comes together, and is more focused. I have always updated the electronics as I could hear the improvements with the old speakers that I have, but again with this Vertex and Leading Edge equipment, it shows how even more can be taken from the equipment and be delivered by the speakers.

I suppose as well as the above the most notable things are how the music is focused, with a good tight bass, smoother more refined top end, and how the vocals have moved "up" and forward rather than being too far back and low down in the soundstage.

Overall I am really very happy (and still a little bemused how it all works) and enjoying each CD I have (and there's a fair few to listen to), so thank you for your help, demonstration, and advice. I know that this is all another journey in HiFi, but one I know will be amazing and enjoyable.

Many thanks again.
all the best......for now !!
Richard C Bristol
"Introducing Vertex into a system brings all the usual hi-fi benefits of improved dynamics, drama, impact, clarity, width, depth and height. But adding extra Picos and some Yushans to a two-channel system already using Picos and a hi-res balanced Taga allows previously unsuspected background detail to shine out. It also contributes to the tonal integrity of the system to provide a very desirable purity to the sound: to put it another way there is no harshness. 
What may not be so fully appreciated is that Vertex can also have a profound impact on AV systems, including picture quality. I am using an Oppo 93EU powered via a hi-res balanced Taga via the video-only output into a Pioneer Kuro powered by a hi-res Taga. Accordingly, some radical re-calibration was called for, particularly in relation to contrast levels. Blacks were then capable of showing very subtle gradations with the effect that the whole picture became significantly more three dimensional. There was also a considerable enhancement of depth that draws attention right into the picture."

HL, Devon
This customer has a sophisticated system and a significant number of Vertex AQ components.  Then he tried the Pico Component Grounding Blocks …

Dynamics are in a different league and, most of all, the mojo is back (with the cavalry this time).  I think the Picos do profound things - certainly to my system.  I'd say without hesitation that they have moved my system up by a full league – so much more presence and 'touchable-ness' to voices and instruments now.

Nice clichéd hi-fi things have clearly happened, like much blacker silences, but the overall outcome is much, much more music, impact and emotion. This is one of the best single upgrades I've ever made and certainly the most cost-effective one.  I know Vertex make a lot of wonderful kit, but I think theres something quite magical about their Picos!
Dave C Bristol

From a long-term customer who fully understands the changes that Vertex AQ products achieve:

…getting the fundamentals correct in the first place is just too important and for that, I can only thank you yet again for introducing me to the range of Vertex AQ products. I cannot over-estimate their importance as a vital part of any music reproduction system, AV (Blu-ray & plasma) included.
Richard C, Bristol (different Richard!)

Andrew has just bought three Vertex items: the Taga distribution block, a Silver mains lead and a pair of the Moncayo speaker blocks:

One word Jeremy - FANTASTIC!

System is really singing. A total transformation. And the best thing, with just 3 items, there's more to come!
Andrew B, Chipping Sodbury

From a customer who took a practical and technical approach to his assessment, giving each result a numerical weighting – and then enjoying the emotional gains.

Adding Vertex product to respective areas of my HiFi system was nothing short of a musical revelation. The results are astonishing. Whilst no product is what you might term as cheap, the addition of every single item brought something to the performance of each and every piece of music. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised that each successive addition into the HiFi chain released repeated improvements. How was there always more to give? And it's the realization that these improvements are not tweaks in HiFi sound brought by characteristics of the add-ons, for the products are neutral by nature and simply succeed in allowing the system to realize its potential.

From my experience, the significant effects I heard were control of bass, improvements to timing and rhythm, an un-muddling of the mid-range and high frequencies, separation of instruments, vocal timbres changed to naturally sounding, the sound stage became more 3-dimensional and overall an ever improving clarity that really has to be experienced to be understood. It was jaw-dropping just coming to terms with what was actually there all along. The overall effect is definitely more than the sum of each individual part.

So back to cost, this is relative. The way I saw it, I was laying the basic, much needed foundation, to benefit my system long term. After listening tests with Vertex and LeadingEdge product, it became evident that they had neutral characteristics.

Unlike other products, there appeared to be nothing to indicate that they brought their own sonic fingerprint. This to me indicated that they were firstly not going to colour the sonic picture, so secondly, allow me to hear what my equipment could do in a natural manner, then thirdly, that later additions or changes to the electronics, when 'up-gradeitis' bit, would allow me to judge new items based solely on merit. This eliminated the potential for having created a complex combination of electronics, cables and interconnects that once one is removed and another inserted, that the whole balance is upset and the system is ruined.

I was reluctant to hand back the loan Vertex and LeadingEdge products. When I'd placed my order and everything had gone back, I turned the HiFi on to listen again. The dominant boomy bass had returned, the sound was flat, clarity gone and the music muddled in comparison. I'm very much looking forward to my order turning up. It won't be a moment too soon.

Andrew B., Chipping Sodbury

Andrew has just bought three Vertex items: the Taga distribution block, a Silver mains lead and a pair of the Moncayo speaker blocks:

One word Jeremy - FANTASTIC!

System is really singing. A total transformation. And the best thing, with just 3 items, there's more to come!
Andrew B, Chipping Sodbury
At your suggestion I put the HiRez Jaya on the Taga distribution block, adjacent to where the mains cable comes into the block. You were, of course, right – it is even better there than in the wall mains socket next to where the block is plugged into the mains. I think that when I first tried it in the block, the totally new and un-run- in  cartridge was so "fizzy", that the absence of fizz caused by the HiRez being in the block was  dramatic to the point  that I  assumed it must be  taking the top end off altogether.
In fact, with the HiRez in the block, the vestiges of  tinniness from the very basic MM Goldring Electra cartridge are all but transformed into music, while the soundstage "architecture", dynamism and "menace" are all improved even further. On my (bê
te noir) Moody Blues "test/torture track", I actually heard  a bass melody played completely which I have never heard in 20 years.  So I have spent tens of thousands of pounds chasing insight and transparency, which ultimately took a £960 "add on" to unveil (our emphasis).
Despite having a £50 MM bottom of the range budget cartridge sitting in a £10k turntable/arm, I would now unhesitatingly say that the system is more enjoyable to listen to than it was with the £7k Koetsu Jade Platinum in the same system without the HiRez Jaya. The system, while obviously limited ultimately by the laws of physics insofar as they relate to a very basic budget cartridge, does everything with such joy that it is a pleasure to listen to.
You could say I'm impressed !!! Quite what will happen when the Koetsu is back, rebuilt completely, with an "upgraded" diamond cantilever, I have no idea.

Howard K - Lawyer
As regards the Vertex platforms, my scepticism (despite owning and being thoroughly won over by Vertex Jaya/ Roirama mains treatment) soon evaporated when you mounted my valve phono stage onto the support. I could actually hear the space around Justin Hayward's voice open out, on a track I know like the back of my hand, as you inserted the Vertex cones under the component when the song was playing. A similar improvement was rendered giving my Radford STA 25 valve amp the same treatment. Indeed, only space restrictions caused by a (temporary) rather small equipment support prevented me from having the entire 4 box Canary 903 pre amp combo similarly treated (which I will do when I get a bigger rack!!). (My Comment: valves are vulnerable because they are particularly microphonic so valve-based components respond quite dramatically when given the Vertex treatment.)
Howard K - Lawyer
The revelation for me wasn't really the dCS CD player (which is itself excellent) but the cabling and electro-mechanical handling products from Vertex AQ.  It really is like lego; in that each time you buy something, you move the capabilities of the overall system on.  I am particularly impressed with the Super Kinabalu and have completely fitted out my CD stack with HUGE performance improvements resulting.  It doesn't stop there, however, I am steadily working through cables and mains management getting an improvement each time I put another Vertex product into the system.  Essentially, Jeremy is providing the "glue" that brings very good components together to make something that is nothing short of breath-taking!  I now have a CD player which sounds as good as any vinyl I've heard in the past. Thank you Jeremy.
Nigel P - Consultant
I am writing to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your  extremely hard work when you recently attended my home in London to demo the pair of Audio Physic Luna subwoofers and Vertex equipment platforms.

First and foremost, the improvement made to what was already a high end system (as featured, prior to your visit, in Hi Fi World's January edition in an article by Channa Vitara- who is copied in on this email) is nothing short of amazing. The One Thing Audio Quad ESL 57's have been transformed by the Lunas into "full bandwidth" monitors, in the most subtle way. The Luna's are all but invisible, both physically and audibly, until you switch them off! At that point, the sense of extraordinary poise, space and air vanishes - as if one has gone from widescreen TV to a bog standard old telly. All the midrange finesse, deftness of touch and sheer musicality of the 57's are not only preserved when using the Lunas, but also are positively enhanced. As for "bass", I can now hear bass detail that was not only, perhaps expectedly, absent from the 57's, but also missing from a pair of Naim NBL speakers being driven by Naim's flagship mighty 552/500 amplification combo, which I previously owned for 3 years. So, it might be said that I am rather impressed!!

Most of all, however, I want to thank you for the time and care you took in getting the system sounding right. Indeed, you spent the best part of 90 minutes completely repositioning the 57's and adjusting tilt/ toe-in to obtain the best possible sound in the listening position. Thus even before you began to install the Lunas / Vertex, the system sounded miles better than it had before you arrived. That you then spent a further 6 hours (excluding a trip to B&Q to buy some bits to make a terminal) getting everything spot on, resulting in you arriving home in Bath at past midnight, shows how much of a perfectionist you are and, frankly, how superb a dealer you are too.

The system is, now, by far the best I have ever had and totally fills a huge listening room with music without any perceived weaknesses. It just plays music superbly, and is as relaxing on chamber music as it is exciting on Led Zeppelin. Much of this has come about as a result of the items you suggested I incorporate, and as a result of the extremely hard work you put in to getting them to integrate into a high end system.
Howard K - Lawyer

This customer asked about borrowing the Vertex AQ Moncayo Speaker Lead Extension Blocks at our Whittlebury Hall demonstration in September 2012. After discussions we suggested he should try the Taga mains distribution block at the same time.

I was a bit sceptical about these but was blown away by the startling change they made to the sound of my system. With both the Taga and the Speaker Blocks connected, it sounded almost as if the electronics in the system had been by-passed and that I was listening right into the heart of recordings. The incremental effect of the Speaker Blocks wasn't at all subtle, the sound being better in every respect. There's no going back is there?
These Vertex products clearly demonstrate that the trick with hi-fi is getting it to work at its optimum performance. Based on my experience, the Taga and Speaker Blocks certainly go a long  way toward achieving this.

Roger C

For several years we have demonstrated at the spring and autumn hifi shows, with different major components each time but always using
Vertex AQ cables, supports and mains cleaning as the system foundations. You can draw your own conclusions why we regularly receive these sorts of written comments from visitors, this time from the Sept 2012 Whittlebury Hall show:

  • Consistently brilliant – again!
  • As usual, one of the best show sounds
  • Stunning sound as always in The Right Note's rooms  Thanks Jeremy
  • By 11.45 Saturday it was the best sound I'd heard – if I hear anything better I'll come back and tell you!  (He didn't return)
  • Sounded great again
  • This is the best sound I've heard so far, 3.15 Saturday afternoon!
  • A very open, rich sound
  • Epic speakers for an epic recording of Tchaikovsky's 4th symphony!
  • Excellent sound at the show, as always
  • Natural and unforced. To reproduce classical music successfully is very difficult, but this was a success
  • Unforced, natural, calming but powerful when needed
  • Impressed!
  • Clear, detailed, incisive, communicative
  • Once again, best sound at the show
  • A nice smooth, clear sound again
  • Loudspeakers sounded fantastic

And one really gratifying note regarding our show seminars on Room Acoustics:

  • Re last year's presentation on room acoustic – thanks Jeremy. I changed my living room around, with speakers firing across, not down, the room and haven't changed back. Great advice!
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