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  • Taga mains distribution block
  • Moncayo speaker blocks

The Vertex Taga 6-way distribution block is probably the best single way to upgrade almost any system, even if you have already installed some mains "cleaning".  Not only does the block clean up superbly the RF contamination, from radio and mobile phone transmissions that blight us all, it also provides the Vertex speciality: acoustic energy absorption.

Plug any component into the block and some of this energy – basically vibration over a very wide band of frequencies – will be drained out of the component via the mains lead into the block.  This acoustic energy is created within the system, by the system itself, and is carried around by the cables from, especially, power supplies and the loudspeakers.

It's easy to see that shaking circuit boards that are carrying signals, bathed in complex magnetic fields, is – well, hardly ideal! There is significant damage to timing, detail and musical dynamics. Remove the damage and music opens out and is immediately more communicative.

We are all bathed in Radio Frequency interference (RFI), all the time, wherever we are. It propagates through the air and also enters our systems via the mains. Sometimes customers say, "But I live in a country village, miles from a town." Then we say, "Do you watch TV or listen to the radio? Does your mobile phone work?"

Why is it a problem? Surely manufacturers take care of this when they design their products?  Actually, they rarely do, because a) they think it's not necessary, b) they haven't recognised the problem or c) it puts up the cost by comparison with competitors. One has only to hear some jangly, hard-edged demonstrations at dealers and shows to realise that not everyone recognises the problem. If you hear it, then it's a problem for you and it will spoil your enjoyment.

Taga can be supplied with UK 13A, continental (Schuko) or US sockets. Shown here is the standard version but there is also a HiRez version with improved EMI and RFI shielding and a more sophisticated labyrinth better to absorb the acoustic energy.

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Taga 6-way block

Vertex Moncayo Speaker Blocks

If you already have good speaker cables that you don't want to change this is an ideal way to limit vibration from the speakers entering your system. In virtually any system these blocks will make an immediate and dramatic improvement.

This is what one customer thought: " … (I) was blown away by the startling change they made to the sound of my system." His full comments here.

Inside the metal box is a version of the Vertex AQ labyrinth, as used in all their cables and the support platforms, that sets up the energy in opposing paths to cancel out.

Loudspeakers are designed to vibrate but they also transmit a lot of this energy along the speaker cables, back into the system. The practical effect is that the vibration shakes circuits and components that are carrying the music signal while bathed in complex magnetic fields. The audible effect is to lose focus, timing, the 'air' in the recording and the timbre of voices and instruments.

Simply insert these blocks, at either the speaker or the amplifier end of the existing speaker cable, and you will be astonished at the jump in performance.The damage being done to the music is even more obvious when you remove the blocks.

The blocks can be supplied in different connection formats: 2-to-2, 2-to-4 and 4-to-4 and in copper, silver or HiRez wiring and with banana plugs or spade terminals.

The speaker blocks are a valuable upgrade when you already have expensive speaker cables. You will hear even more improvement with a full Vertex Moncayo cable set that includes two boxes on each cable for even greater  energy absorption.

   A Silver speaker block made for full 4-to-4 bi-wiring