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News - Quote of the Month

This customer with a sophisticated all-digital system had just received the first 'Mini' HiRez Balanced Taga which supplies 300W of balanced power to three components, via a pair of built-in sockets and a flying lead terminated with an IEC plug:

'I had a long listening and tinkering session with the system set-up yesterday evening. The BTaga was an immediate and obvious step improvement as predicted, not to be underestimated. It has brought so much refinement and grip to the overall sound. Further juggling of cables and switched mode power supplies into the BT brought massive gains (as I was hoping). What surprised me was a 'spare' HiRes Roraima (mains cable) finally ended up powering a Teddy Pardo 12 volt power supply (for the network switches/ WiFi extenders) after trying every other logical place first; what an incredible refinement that turned out to be; simply stunning in conjunction with the BTaga. The system has moved forwards a huge amount now because of the Balanced Taga; more than just its addition, it has a compounding effect. It was good before, but now it's really something special.'

Andrew B, Gloucs

(Note the benefits of treating the network devices which usually have quite basic and electrically 'noisy' power supplies)

I have a pair of Hi Rez Moncayos (speaker cables) in my system at the moment. Good grief!  What a phenomenal difference. Suddenly I am in the midst of… well… what I regard as perfection! There's absolutely no going back. Night and day difference. But what to do…? Because when I swop back my old cables (which 'til then I loved) they are hopeless by comparison. And I haven't even got the Pico grounding blocks in yet, or a Hi Rez Taga!  Elford and Cheadle are genius. Genius!!!

Richard S

Andrew has just bought three Vertex items: the Taga distribution block, a Silver mains lead and a pair of the Moncayo speaker blocks:

One word Jeremy - FANTASTIC!

System is really singing. A total transformation. And the best thing, with just 3 items, there's more to come!  Andrew B, Chipping Sodbury

…getting the fundamentals correct in the first place is just too important and for that, I can only thank you yet again for introducing me to the range of Vertex AQ products. I cannot over-estimate their importance as a vital part of any music reproduction system, AV (Blu-ray & plasma) included.  Richard C., Bristol

Just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and generous time you gave myself & my wife at the recent National Audio show at Whittlebury Hall. I have been attending hifi shows all over the UK for the last 12 years and this was the most pleasurable with the range of equipment and dealers. As well as producing a really nice sound, what made The Right Note the best in show for myself was your knowledge and warmth. Even though I told you I was not purchasing anything, even in the future, you gave me the same time and hospitality as all your other visitors. I remarked to my wife if we ever win the lottery "The Right Note " will be the first port of call when looking for hifi & guidance. Once again thank you and hopefully you will see me soon for the next upgrade!  Sean, Aylesbury

From a customer who bought the dCS U-Clock to work with his Puccini CD player:

"I think my clockless system was very good, but with the clock in there, what a difference.  Now I get the total acoustic space of the orchestra together with improved timbres associated with woodwind and brass - truly an essential 'no-brainer' upgrade; I'm thrilled with the total sound."  Tony H, Farnborough

Just about the best system I have ever heard in 45 years of listening to hifi. Well done! Ray E – a visitor to the Heathrow Park Inn show, March 2011
"About a year ago I bought a dose of Vertex items from you. I never did get back to you to tell you how pleased I was with them, but rest assured they transformed my system in a fantastically positive way. They work better than I ever expected and even 'right from the off' they didn't seem to need any 'burn in' at all. I was amazed by what they were doing right from the first minute or two - no higher compliment is possible!
Anyway, at the time of my visit you said the next upgrade should be my speaker cables. I was very foolishly dismissive of this suggestion - I'm afraid speaker cables of the Nordost/Vertex price range just seemed too high to me - but having lived with what you sold me, even though I still can't get my head around how it works, night after night my system tells me that it really, really, really does!
And so I must humbly bow to your expertise - you were right and I was wrong (but you knew that anyway!) and ask: when are you free for some more demo's of speaker cable (and interconnects as well I guess)?"  Martin M (who bought 2 Kinabalu platforms, a Silver mains cable, a HiRez digital interconnect and a Taga distribution block.)
From somebody who won the Vertex Silver Jaya mains filter in our draw at a show:
"I think that the best way I can describe the overall effect is 'cleaner'.  There seems to have been a lowering of the noise floor letting finer details come through.  This is of special interest to me as I have to do a lot of my listening at low levels.  I feel like I'm listening deeper into the mix & recording acoustic - and I have to say that when I used to read this kind of comment in reviews, I thought it was rubbish!!"  Jason W
From a customer who borrowed a number of Vertex components to do some exhaustive testing:
"The effect of Vertex AQ components cannot be overstated. Their impact is of the same magnitude as going from mono to stereo." Giles M. Consultant Clinical Scientist
From a customer who borrowed a Vertex AQ Super Kinabalu platform and a mains lead for his CD player:

"I was surprised at the results because I thought my system was pretty good. They are not cheap for the money you pay but they're not expensive for the results you get. They've improved not just parts of the system but the whole spectrum. Now the bass is deeper and much cleaner."
From a visitor to the Whittlebury Hall hifi show (25/26 Sept) referring to the jaw-dropping performance of the new VTL 450W monoblock valve power amplifiers: "Tell me the bad news, are they much more than £25k?" came a voice from the audience. "No, I'm pleased to say they are £17.5k." "You mean each?" "No, that's for the pair!"
From a customer auditioning the floorstanding Focal 1028Be speakers, "The most natural sound that I've heard from a loudspeaker."