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Aurender have carved through the difficulties of streaming to make their two products genuinely 'plug-and-play' – what we're calling Streaming Civilised, at last.

You no longer have to struggle with arcane computer codes and IP addresses. Aurender have even written a free app to turn the iPad into the controller and give it a beautiful, seamless view of everything on the streamer, complete with album covers.


These Aurender streamers offer the ideal combination of very high performance – leaving most CD players in the dust – and amazing ease of use. Music can be stored in one place but heard anywhere in the building, with some inexpensive additional components.

Music can be loaded onto both streamers, the S10 and the new W20, by a variety of methods:
    •    from a CD transport with a digital output
    •    from a computer, either by direct connection or through a network
    •    downloaded from the internet, especially high resolution files giving finer detail
    •    from a USB drive (or stick)

The streamers store music files on hard discs but transfer them to a Solid State Drive, a cache, for the quietest, cleanest playback free of electrical and mechanical interference. This method allows the hard discs to 'sleep' and eliminate electrical noise.

Aurender offer a web page listing a number of valuable sources of downloadable music: Download sites

While the S10 is a superb performer (HiFi News aurender hfn review.pdf) the W20's design includes many additional features to open up a significant gap. The chart below gives a clear comparison but the essential differences are:
  • improved power supplies, including battery operation for the audio circuits
  • a greater choice of outputs, including a custom-designed USB 2.0 audio port as the DAC interface
  • greater HD storage and a larger solid state cache
  • a BNC connection for an external clock to ensure even lower levels of jitter

This is a link to the Aurender site for more detailed information: Aurender

Comparison chart