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Kawero! Vivace, Chiara

Kawero! range of loudspeakers incorporate truly creative design features and have earned numerous 'best sound at the show' comments from visitors over the years.

Often over-used, the word 'unique' can properly describe the Kawero! combination of acoustic design, construction quality, materials and, crucially, the way they integrate with the room

The Kawero! range now comprises three very high performance loudspeakers, two floorstanders – the original Kawero! Classic and the Vivace – and the most recent arrival, the Chiara stand-mount.

It has been a labour of love for Rainer Weber, the designer who is not only a committed audiophile but also one of the world's leading acoustics experts, retained by the German automotive industry to design acoustic solutions for Mercedes Benz, BMW and VW/Audi.

Working with the manufacturing facilities of Kaiser Acoustics Herr Weber has developed highly effective and attractive acoustic treatment techniques for public buildings such as conference centres and halls. Read more about the technology under Room Acoustics and see how you could massively improve your own listening environment.

Using similar techniques Kaiser Acoustics supplies noise suppression materials that are fitted to the air intakes of Airbus jet engines to subdue the sound of the massive fan blades.

These examples of world-class applications demonstrate the level of expertise that is applied to the design of Kawero! loudspeakers.

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