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VTL have combined the special sonic qualities of valves with modern control and power supply technology to offer superb, world-class performance alongside relaxed and trouble-free ownership.  The best of everything.

One eagerly awaited new product, that was launched at the Whittlebury Hall Show (21-22 September 2013), is the S-200 stereo amplifier. This is a very important amplifier, requested by many countries – including us in the UK! It is a wonderful-sounding, powerful amplifier at an astonishingly attractive price for an amplifier of this performance. We expect this product to re-write the rules for high-power valve amplifiers, with its capabilities, facilities and bullet-proof reliability.

With the whole VTL range many factors combine to yield the stunning performance, including superb power supplies and simple circuits built with top-quality components.

These preamplifiers and amplifiers regularly receive rave reviews in magazines. See this in-depth review by one of the US heavy-weight reviewers, Paul Bolin:
The Audio Beat . In another review some years ago, of an earlier version, he declared: "It is, by no small margin, the finest line stage I have ever heard at length."

Here is a review from Stereophile of a system using VTL amplification at the influential October 2010 Rocky Mountain audio show:  Stereophile on VTL

And another storming review:
the absolute sound

Read about the features of the Series III TL-7.5 preamp and MB-450 monoblock power amplifiers in this joint review:
hifi 97.pdf.

Visit VTL's web site for detailed information and to see reviews and comments:  VTL home

VTL products include preamplifiers, integrated, stereo and monoblock power amplifiers and phono stages, ranging from the modest to the mouth-watering.  There is a 60W/channel stereo amplifier for £3,450 and a versatile integrated version with an active valve preamp stage for £5,750.  There are four preamps from £3,450 to £25,000 and nine amplifiers priced from £3,450 to £65,000.

Read here some of the technical considerations facing the valve amplifier designer: Valve technology

IT-85 integrated 60W amplifier

TL-7.5 Reference 2-box preamplifier

Here is a selection from the VTL range of 18 valve-based products

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