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GamuT's key design philosophy is to match their performance to the way humans hear, in the time domain. Our hearing sense is amazingly sensitive to timing - it's how we locate sound sources accurately, a prehistoric survival skill.

Without such timing music fails to satisfy and it's this, probably more than anything else, that drives audiophiles to keep spending money to "upgrade" – but sadly not understanding why they are dissatisfied.

A key feature of the amplifier range is that they use only two very powerful and expensive output transistors per channel. Imagine the difference in clarity between a duet and a choir  – however good the quality control and manufacturing tolerances a group of up to 32 transistors per channel, as in many amplifiers, is never going to be as clear as just a pair.

There are further refinements to circuit design and power supplies as one goes up the range.

Read some of the reviews of GamuT products on their web site and note how often the writer mentions the musicality of the test item: 
Gamut reviews

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