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Bel Canto

"They lend music almost physical presence." – US review site Six Moons, writing about Bel Canto's REF1000 monoblocks. Comment on Bel Canto's highly technical products often brings out their analogue sound qualities, understandable with designer Stronczer's SET valve background.

Six Moons continued, "…they also sound more real (our emphasis) than any solid state amp I've ever heard." All the amplifier range use analogue switching power supplies, creating compact amplifiers with astonishing clarity, presence and musical involvement. Although technically advanced the simple design allows Bel Canto to build amplifiers of amazing value.

A major development is the new Virtual Battery Supply that powers several products in the range, those with the VB suffix. Read a description of the design's major benefits here: vbs_white_paper.pdf

These amplifiers are a significant advance over traditional designs.
Don’t reject them just because they don’t cost a fortune!

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