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One of the very highest aspirational digital brands in the world, dCS has been earning glowing reviews since it launched its first consumer product, the Elgar DAC in 1998.

Some enthusiastic comments:
  • "The dCS Puccini has the ability to unravel the music like no other player I've yet heard"  hifi+
  • "Well there you have it: The best digital sources I've yet heard" The Absolute Sound
  • "Superlative, state of the art modern DAC with a uniquely 'undigital' sound"  HiFi World
  • "I think my clockless system was very good, but with the clock in there, what a difference.  Now get the total acoustic space of the orchestra together with improved timbres associated with woodwind and brass - truly an essential 'no-brainer' upgrade; I'm thrilled with the total sound."  Tony H, Farnborough
There are many more like that on the dCS web site:  dCS Home

The overall dCS range is wide and potentially confusing.
  • Two sets, Scarlatti and Paganini, can start with just two boxes – transport and DAC – to which can be added the Master Clock and Upsampler at a later date.
  • Below them is the one-box Puccini player that can also be upgraded with the external U-Clock.
  • Finally there is the Debussy DAC that can act as an independent decoder for any transport or player, such as the Puccini, with industry-standard digital outputs.
As well as CD and Super Audio CD playback all the dCS product groups can accept from a computer high-resolution music files downloaded from the internet, opening up the world of even higher levels of music replay.

An important feature of the dCS USB computer connection (Mac or PC) is that it is "Asynchronous", meaning that it locks the computer's "dirty" output to its own clock to minimise jitter. There is a programme now to upgrade the input capability of all products from 24/96kHz to 24/192kHz, starting with the Debussy DAC and the Puccini U-Clock.

There is a valuable guide to computer-based audio written by dCS that you can download here: dcs_guide_to_computer_audio.pdf

A very attractive feature of dCS products is that they are software-upgradeable, from a CD played in the transport, to add new features or cope with new formats. There is also an excellent part-exchange policy to trade in old for new.

The world-wide public success of the Elgar astonished dCS, accustomed to working with professional recording studios. There was obviously a hunger for more products to complete a system, resulting in the famous Purcell upsampler, the Verdi transport and finally the Verona master clock.

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