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Bel Canto

The Bel Canto brand always receives high praise for the performance it achieves alongside innovative design ideas.

It's perfectly feasible to create a very simple, ultra-compact, high performance system from just the CD2 player and the C5i integrated amplifier or, for an even lower cost, the new S125 amplifier – the two occupying the space of one conventional component! The amplifier even has a USB input to accept high resolution 24/96kHz computer input.

A significant development is the Virtual Battery Supply that liberates components from the harmful effects of polluted mains. Stereo Times said of the VBS and DAC3 combination:
"And if we tend to 'get used' to changes in the sound of our stereos over time, this combo has continued to offer up delight and surprise longer than anything before."

Sound Stage reviewed the CD2 together with the DAC3: "
What emerged from the pairing was an unmistakable and superior synergy that brought everything into greater musical focus, with a heightened sense of realism and sonic rightness."

Now Bel Canto has opened up the range with a choice of no fewer than four DACs (DAC3.5VB, DAC3VB, DAC2.5 and DAC1.5), a 24/96 Light Link to extend a USB connection over a distance, eight amplifiers, an FM tuner, an analogue preamp and a phono stage. Unusually the two less expensive DACs offer the really useful facility of a headphone socket on the front panel for late-night listening. Using the built-in volume control there's no need for a separate amplifier.

Visit the lively and informative Bel Canto site to read about their amplifiers and other new products, such as the FM tuner and the 24/96 USB Light Link. Also find here links to many helpful reviews:  Bel Canto

(Read an explanation of some of Bel Canto's design achievements here  bc_hi_dynamic_audio.pdf   and scan to the conclusions at the end if you find some of it rather technical.)

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