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Home Theatre

A full home theatre system, with inputs from satellite, terrestrial and video sources is a complex installation that requires a very capable control system to change screen formats, switch inputs and set individual speaker volumes – reliably – without steps dropping out of sequence.  We work with specialist installers for such systems.  We provide the high quality core audio components while they build the additional video and control aspects.

We have supplied a number of more straightforward installations where the customer simply wanted to integrate a flat screen and DVD/BluRay player into the music system, without compromising the sound quality.

We specify that the stereo music system remains independent of the complex switching circuitry (ie the two front channels do not pass through the video processor) but integrates perfectly when required as part of the home theatre.  Neither is compromised, giving the best of both worlds.

People expect theatre systems to have sub-woofers for the movie sound effects.  However these subs can also integrate and supplement the music system very satisfactorily if they are the type, such as those from Audio Physic and Velodyne, that have a way of controlling the low end of the bass, in the 10-25Hz region. Otherwise the bass can over-drive the room into resonance at the deepest frequencies and muddle the bass. Music benefits hugely from well-controlled deep bass on all recordings.

Audio system, including dCS and Vertex (left), video components under the screen

Installations like these are often the ideal way of meeting the difficult domestic compromise of providing both a high quality music system and family entertainment in the main living room.

[Note: it is important that all speakers in the theatre system are matched, especially the front three, ideally all coming from the same manufacturer.  The rear ones can be smaller than the front stereo pair.  It is obvious and distracting if speech and sound effects change character as they move around the audience.]