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The equipment we stock was chosen over a long period of time, after comparative listening tests and enquiries within the trade about reputations of the products, the manufacturers and their suppliers and the service back-up.

There are other well-known brands that are over-priced, over-hyped, unreliable and expensive to repair.

Some retailers have a bewildering range of products, but we prefer to choose carefully at the outset and concentrate on a core of components. All give good value at their different prices, while some are recognised world references, the élite.  Where possible we also aim to stock components that have an upgrade path, fairer to you than having to sell at a loss and buy again.
We are not under any pressure from any supplier to stock or sell any product. We choose.

So if we stock only a few brands how do you compare four amplifiers that have caught your eye?  Fundamentally important point: the difference between products at about the same price will be trivial compared with the changes we can make with system matching, mains cleaning and energy control with Vertex AQ components. You will be astonished just how much performance is lurking in your existing system when you tackle these crucial areas.  Read What Others Say.

As we say “Just listen and you’ll know.”