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MB-185 Signature Series III monos

The new MB-185 amp, now fully-balanced, has many component up-grades and improved controls to give a sweeter, more musical top and mid-range and a quick taut bass.

A key innovation, taken from the MB-450, is the variable DAMPING FACTOR feedback that adjusts output impedance to the listener’s taste and offers improved control of loudspeaker loads.

Overall the MB-185 is more musically coherent than the Series II and the improved power supplies keep it stable into demanding loads, such as electrostatic speakers, and with complex music that makes lesser amps wilt.

Other important changes are the switch to the naturally organic-sounding EL34 valves and the inclusion of premium Mundorf silver/oil capacitors, all contributing to the amp’s ideal combination of musicality with dynamics and drive.

One well-established feature is VTL’s clever SMART TUBE technology, microprocessor-controlled, that maintains stable bias and screen voltage supplies to the output valves, a key reason for the outstanding reliability of VTL amplifiers.