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MB-450 Signature Series III monos

There is a new, Series III version of the highly-regarded VTL MB-450 Signature monoblock valve power amplifiers.

Now fully-balanced throughout, this 450W per channel amplifier, that can operate in either tetrode or triode mode, benefits from highly regulated power supplies that keep the amplifier tonally stable, despite any mains supply fluctuations and during complex, dynamic signal conditions. There are other significant circuit and component improvements to give a sweeter, more extended treble and an even better flow to the music in the mid-range.

Here are some of the amplifier's features:

  • a completely redesigned circuit that is now fully balanced
  • a lower impedance push-pull output stage with a dramatically improved, fully balanced, interleaved and coupled output transformer
  • a variable Damping Factor feedback control with four settings that control the amount of negative feedback, allowing precise adjustment of the amplifier’s output impedance to suit the listener’s taste and to improve control of  loudspeaker loads 
  • adjustable precision-regulated valve power supplies keep the operating point of the output valves constant, even under mains power supply fluctuations, for greater tonal stability and sonic integrity especially during complex, dynamic music demands
  • an array of premium Mundorf silver oil capacitors supply a sweeter, more extended top end and a mid-range tonality that sounds more relaxed, with better flow and integration.

Supporting the superb sound quality are the renowned VTL strengths of user-friendliness and long-term reliability from the use of microprocessor control to maintain stable circuit and valve operating conditions.