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Moncayo speaker cables

These cables often bring a massive jump in performance because they block energy from the major source of vibration, the loudspeakers, and prevent it being fed back into the system.

You can gain an idea of their significance from the fact that there are two large boxes per cable to absorb the energy. The positions of the boxes can be specified to suit the installation so that they can be concealed behind the rack and the loudspeaker.
Expect to hear gains similar to those from the other energy-absorbing components:

  • timing of music improves, with musicians seeming to play together much better
  • a drop in distortion of high frequencies – high female voices, percussion etc
  • bass is both deeper and tighter, helping rhythm and timing
  • dynamics improve so that music is more exciting and interesting
  • the soundstage opens out, giving more space and separation
If your speakers are bi-wireable a second run of Moncayo cables will bring a significant gain in energy and dynamics, making music much more involving, simply because they are absorbing still more of this damaging vibration. Bi-wiring with Moncayos will be less expensive and probably more effective than introducing a second amplifier to bi-amp. Think of the extra energy in the system and the possible loss of accurate phase information unless the amps are exactly matched.

If you already have expensive speaker cables that you are unwilling to change you can introduce some energy absorption with the Vertex Speaker Lead Extension Blocks. Simply insert the boxes between your cables and the loudspeaker terminals. Available in single-wire, single to bi-wire and fully bi-wire versions (single wire prices below – see the main Vertex list for variations).

Owing to the complexity of manufacture Vertex cannot make speaker cables shorter than 3m. Longer lengths are particularly good value as the cost increments are modest.

The HiRez version is expensive, no question, but its contribution to cleaning up the performance and opening out the sound is truly astonishing. As with all Vertex components it's important to recognise that each one will affect performance throughout the system. In other words, a mains cable or a platform or HiRez speaker cables will drain energy from the whole system, not just at the point where they are applied. The huge amount of RFI and EMI cleaning capability of the HiRez Moncayos will bring significant system-wide improvements.

Please see the price list in the main Vertex section for more information on the full Vertex range

From 1,608 (3m) - 8,578 +