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Tube DAC2 Reference

Described by Accustic Arts as the DAC for the "audiophile gourmet", this is a very high-performance DAC with some unusual features.

  • The input stage contains a 32-bit microcomputer working together with 26 parallel processors to produce two separate and highly accurate 32-bit signals, one for each channel. This compares with the more common 16- or 24-bit processing.
  • The left and right signals follow separate paths, including individual D/A processor chips, right through the DAC.
  • Tubes (or valves) are used in an analogue Tube-Hybrid stage, capitalising on the beneficial characteristics of valves, with their high impedance, high bandwidth and low distortion. Circuitry is pre-adjusted to accept simple plug and play replacement of valves.
Read more detail about this extraordinary design: Tube DAC 2

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