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Drive 2 Reference

The DRIVE 2 is a top-loading transport of reference class, designed to play CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs without compromise.

The core of the DRIVE 2 is the internationally renowned high-end, 3-beam laser CD module, the CD-Pro2LF, with a solid diecast chassis that provides excellent damping characteristics and high stability and rigidity. These features allow the laser to scan the disc reliably to read the maximum amount of detail. The designers even thought of designing the sliding top cover – itself weighing 3.5lbs – to shield the spinning disc from interference by sound pressure waves.

Great care has been taken with power supplies to avoid contamination both from outside and from the internal processing, starting with two substantial magnetically-shielded transformers. Examples of the care taken are a mains filter that can be switched in or out, according to the quality of the incoming mains, and – highly unusually – a light and a switch on the rear panel to ensure correct mains polarity.