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Velodyne family

A clever family of sub-woofers with built-in 1200W amplifiers and 8",10" and 12" drive units.

With their great adaptability these subs can be integrated seamlessly into any music system in any room. Until you turn them off you don't realise how much they are contributing to the musical picture.

Using the supplied microphone and their built-in self-calibration system the subs can be matched to the room's acoustics to avoid over-driving at resonant frequencies. In addition there are the more usual cross-over and volume adjustments, plus the invaluable four settings for phase to ensure they are "in-step" with the main speakers.

All settings can be read from the front window as you operate the remote control.

Ideally you should plan for two subs because they will drive the room more evenly and the difference is obvious, but at least start with one.

These subs are small enough to fit into any listening room: SPL800 is 28cm x 27cm x 36cm, SPL1000 is 34cm x 33cm x 41cm and SPL1200 is 39cm x 38cm x 47cm.


1,150 - 1,695