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Si100 integrated amplifier

Underpinning all GamuT amplifier designs is their highly-successful use of just two very high power MOSFET output devices per channel.

Contrast this approach with most solid state designs that rely upon eight, 12 or even more devices in each channel. Which would be likely to sound clearer, a duet or a large choir? The secret of GamuT's design lies in the clever circuit that is able to drive the otherwise-difficult MOSFETs.

The Si100 incorporates all of GamuT's skill and knowledge but in a compact package well able to drive most loudspeakers.  It is a delightful and very capable amplifier with an excellent preamp stage that is remarkably transparent, modelled on the more expensive D3i.

The forebear of all six amplifiers in the GamuT range is the legendary D200 – now in MkIII and i versions – that has had praise after praise heaped upon in reviews around the world. Read them and others here:  GamuT reviews