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Scarlatti Upsampler

The Scarlatti group is an incredible performer, able to play CD/SACD, high-resolution computer files and accept other digital sources with industry standard outputs.

"The new Scarlatti Upsampler and DAC are proof that dCS still knows how to make products that are both world-beating and life-enhancing"  HiFi News

While the Scarlatti transport contains an upsampling capability the dedicated Upsampler takes over this function for a spectacular jump in performance. It also adds a valuable feature – the increasingly important USB input to accept high resolution computer files.

Upsampling from standard CD 16bit/44.1kHz to 24bit/176.4 or DSD (Direct Stream Digital, the format of SACD) does the seemingly impossible trick of significantly improving on the original. Benefits include more fine detail, a larger sound stage and better separation between players and instrumental strands.

You can start your dCS journey with just the Scarlatti Transport and DAC, progressively adding the Clock and the Upsampler as funds allow.

Read more detail on the dCS web site:  Scarlatti Upsampler