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Paganini DAC

A very versatile DAC, with two AES inputs on XLR connectors and two SPDIF inputs on RCA connectors, plus the IEEE1394 or Firewire sockets to connect other Paganini components.

Like many dCS components the DAC has a built-in digital volume control and is properly configured to drive a power amplifier directly , eliminating the need for a preamp. Four filters allow the listener to fine-tune the sound balance.

As with all dCS components, the key operating circuitry is designed around software-upgradeable chips. This means that by simply inserting a dCS-supplied CD into the transport any dCS component in the system can be upgraded.  In addition there are occasional hardware optional upgrades that require return to the factory.

All dCS DACs incorporate their patented Ring DAC that combines the best features of both multi-bit and single-bit decoding, now improved with faster and more powerful processing.

When teamed with the Paganini upsampling transport the pair offers entry into the dCS replay system and allows later upgrading by adding the Clock and the external Upsampler for greatly increased performance.

"Superlative, state of the art modern DAC with a uniquely 'undigital' sound"

“It is defiantly smooth and open sounding, in a way that I have not heard from any other digital to analogue converter”    David Price, HiFi World

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