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Debussy DAC

The Debussy DAC from dCS is important because it incorporates all dCS's professional recording experience, PLUS their Asynchronous USB input.

This USB input accepts High Resolution data from a computer and – crucially – locks the source to the Debussy clock to minimise jitter. Accurate "clocking" of the data is very important because the computer output quality is poor.

This DAC with its 2 x AES XLR, 2 x RCA and 1 x BNC inputs as well as the USB input, can be the hub of an all-digital system, accepting signals from:

* CD/SACD transport
* DVD video player
* Cable or satellite TV
* Games consoles

The Debussy oversamples data to very high levels for great accuracy and, with its digital volume control, is designed to drive the power amplifier directly, saving the cost of a quality preamp.

Unlike CD players and DACs from most other companies that use off-the-shelf chips, nearly all signal processing and control in dCS products is done with software-programmable chips to add new features and adapt to format changes. Excellent flexibility and upgrade scope means long-term economy for the buyer.

Read more detail on the dCS web site:  Debussy DAC