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Scarlatti DAC

The Scarlatti group is an incredible performer, able to play CD/SACD, high-resolution computer files and accept other digital sources with industry standard outputs.

"Well there you have it: The best digital sources I've yet heard"  The Absolute Sound

This Scarlatti DAC is a comprehensively capable decoding device, based around the famous dCS Ring DAC that does not use any off-the-shelf chips, unlike most other DACs, but rather the software-based approach that allows dCS to upgrade and add facilities for new formats.

The DAC capabilities in brief:

  • Internal digital volume control, allowing direct connection to a power amplifier
  • Inputs for industry-standard digital signals plus an upsampled DSD stream from either the Scarlatti transport or the separate Upsampler
  • A Master mode to provide a clock for data from the source, or to lock to an external clock such as the Scarlatti Master Clock
Read more detail on the dCS web site:  Scarlatti DAC