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The DAC3.5VB's surpassing performance stems from the accuracy of its Ultra-Clock™, a clock with capabilities found previously only in separate Master Clocks.

This accuracy defines new benchmarks in clock stability and allows the DAC3.5VB to reproduce music with new levels of dynamic expression and accuracy of timbre. Stereophile's view of the previous DAC3: "…its superb sound quality, excellent engineering, and the fact that its volume control makes a system preamplifier optional, all make the DAC3 a must-have product." (Full review link:  Stereophile)

With its 5 digital inputs, one analogue input and output volume control the DAC3.5VB can be both a converter for all digital sources and a fine preamp in one component. The ST Optical input is designed for use with Bel Canto's 24/96 USB Light Link that both significantly extends the range (maximum 15 feet) of USB but also further decouples the vulnerable electronics from the computer's electrically noisy environment.

The external Virtual Battery Supply, together with the internal VB board, isolated the component from power line noise and corruption.

This DAC needs either the LNS1 £379 (for one component) or the VBS1 £1299 (for three components) external power supply.

24bit/192K up-sampling Digital to Analogue Converter with 5 digital inputs, one analogue line input, balanced and RCA outputs and digital volume level control.