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Here are a new look and significant upgrades to internal components for the MD107, with twin 6922 triode valves, that replaces the long-standing 106T. New in this model are tighter tolerances in the crucial RF stage, improved capacitors and an upgraded power supply.

Also new as with all models is an optional internal DAC, selectable from either the front switch or the optional remote. This new facility allows connection of any digital source with an SPDIF output, such as a CD transport, to play through the superb valve audio stage of the tuner.

The really Retro tuning eye in the middle of the fascia is what grabs the attention with this model! In fact it's an incredibly accurate indicator that gives utter confidence that the tuner is spot-on the transmitter's frequency.
The five stages of 100% analogue tuning in the front end of this tuner are what give the unmistakable "presence" to the Magnum Dynalab sound.

Apart from that there are no obvious extras with this triode-only version – just more of everything when it comes to the sound. Check out the enthusiasm of this reviewer of the predecessor, the 106T:  hifi+.pdf
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