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MD-105 and MD-105T

This model, replacing the 102, is probably the most popular because its price falls roughly in the middle of the range and its performance is a significant leap up from the MD-90.

Now moving up to a five-stage RF tuning head, this is the top non-triode version and is also available with a valve output stage.

The superlatives are flowing in these reviews!  MD-102/T

"The MD 102 is different: very different. In fact it's nothing less than stunning. This is a tuner that will breath life into the most prosaic of broadcasts, and which will invest good live broadcasts from radio 3 and 4, of music and speech alike, with an a strength amounting to boldness and a discreetness that suggests a well extended, and probably phase coherent output ..."  Hi-Fi News

"I have a friend who is a real radio die-hard and I casually mentioned that I had this tuner in for review. He came round to listen to a Prom ... and cried. A day later, he asked if he could come back and bring friends."  hi-fi choice.pdf

2,700 3,325