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Brands & Links

Here is a complete list of all the brands we sell:

CD: Accustic Arts, Bel Canto, dCS, Gamut, Resolution Audio, VertexAQ, Wadia.
Vinyl: Aesthetix, Clearaudio, Graham, Lehmann, Spiral Groove, Transfiguration.
Tuners: Magnum Dynalab.
Amplifiers: Accustic Arts, Aesthetix, Bel Canto, CAT, Gamut, Storm Audio, Sonneteer, VTL.
Loudspeakers: Audio Physic, Focal, Gamut, Kawero (inc. Vivace and Chiara), NEAT, Totem.
Cables: Argento, Chord Co., DNM, Kubala Sosna, Nordost, Siltech, Tellurium, VertexAQ. 
Mains: Vertex AQ.   Supports: Arcici, Black Ravioli, Hi Fi Racks, Stands Unique, Vertex AQ

Here are web site links for our suppliers and manufacturers

Aanvil Audio – UK distributor of Bel Canto
Accustic Arts
Arcici racks
Audio Physic
Audio Reference – distributor of Aesthetix, Graham, Transfiguration, Accustic Arts,
                               CAT and GamuT
Bel Canto Design
Focal UK
GamuT Audio
Hi Fi Racks

Kog Audio  – UK distributor of VTL valve amplifiers, Avalon loudspeakers, Spiral Groove turntables

Kawero loudspeakers
Lehmann Audio
Magnum Dynalab
Musical Design Company– UK distributor for Wadia
Redline - UK distributor of Velodyne subwoofers
Stands Unique  – AV and high end stands
Storm Audio
Vertex AQ