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Helping You

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." John Muir (preservationist)

So true also of hifi systems, where everything affects something else, where every-
thing makes a difference. Any change affects the whole system. We help you with:
  • our principles of giving honest advice and great value for money
  • our creative solutions and experience drawn from working with some of the best equipment in the world
  • our aim to save you money through buying wisely, adding value not cost
Simply put, we guide you through the hi-fi jungle, giving you a superb system at a price you can afford.

Our advice is always tailored to your interests, even if it means we turn aside a sale - and we do. Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands we take individual care of your needs, right down to the last cone or cable. You are smiling when we leave

Price policy

We're sometimes asked, "What's your best price for xxx ......" That price-driven approach by potential customers is the complete opposite of our belief in system matching. You will notice that we don't offer on-line selling or e-commerce. If you enquire about a component we will always want to know more about how and where it will be used.

Several factors affect selling price: how will you pay? how much is the sale value? are travel and home demonstrations involved? is part-exchange involved?

We're prepared to talk price in the right context but first and foremost we add value, real value, to any sale by making sure you are buying the right product to make the improvement you seek, as part of a planned process.

That's the most economical way to buy hifi equipment in the long run.
Get it right, buy it once, enjoy it for years.

Principal of The Right Note, Jeremy Baldwin, built his first music system at age 15 by converting an HMV clockwork gramophone to play LPs with a Meccano pickup arm, connected to the family radio! Hifi it was NOT! Alongside model aeroplanes he built valve amplifiers and some monster sand-filled loudspeaker cabinets to a Wharfedale design. Ten years later these travelled in the bomb bay of a Vulcan (don't ask!) to his posting in Cyprus.

He learnt the violin from age 7 and played in several youth orchestras. "Playing an instrument and hearing others in an orchestra has given me a valuable reference point for the sound of real instruments.

"We find that customers' hifi systems develop over the years as money is available. But a collection of components is like a football team: individuals must be complementary and the items must work together. It's rarely a saving to buy well-reviewed components just because they are all 'bargains' .

"In the excitement at the price it's easy to forget that better components will probably reveal more information and show up weaknesses elsewhere. It's possible to spend more and enjoy the system less because it has become unbalanced - with the idiosyncracies that start small but become major irritations.

"At The Right Note we can turn the components back into a team once more. No system is perfect but the enjoyable ones are balanced so they don't draw attention to their limitations."